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Rösle Wire Cheese Slicer

I lived in Wisconsin until the age of 14 and remember those years mostly for the frigid winters and inevitable ice storms. Despite the memories of the weather, I still visit the Dairy State and always sample local cheeses whenever I go — or when my family brings me my beloved cheese curds. If you haven’t had them before, they literally squeak when you bite into them!

While so many seem to think that cheese is off-list when trying to eat healthier, I always beg to differ.

Cheese, when eaten in reasonable amounts, is a good source of hunger-fighting protein and calcium. Once, my husband and I were invited to a party (there would be football watching) and asked to bring an appetizer. We decided on a fruit and cheese platter, which sampled three semi-hard cheeses including aged cheddar, Havarti and a Colby (which is original to Wisconsin). To save time and protect little hands and fingers from a knife, I brought the Rösle Wire Cheese Slicer to prepare and serve the platter. This cheese slicer is made of high-grade stainless steel, with two wire blades that offer different thickness. Cutting large square blocks of cheese was quick and easy, and the slices were clean and uniform. Round or wedge shaped cheeses don’t cut up as fast due to navigating the shape, but this equipment still beats out a conventional cheese knife. The cheeses did not stick to the wires or the stainless barrel, and the time saved using this wire cutter instead of a knife was fantastic.

This allowed us to replenish our platter quickly with minimal clean up. Using this slicer proved perfect for these semi-hard cheeses as it glides easily through these sturdy blocks of cheese.

While it would not be ideal for harder cheeses such as Parmesan, I often grate those anyway. My friend who has arthritis in her hands found it much nicer to use as she did not need to grip the slicer as hard as she does a knife. There is a prong on the end of the slicer that works great to pick up slices for serving so we did not have to put out toothpicks.

The Rösle Wire Cheese Slicer is a great gift idea for those who entertain a lot and rely on tools that help bring a platter together faster. Also, it takes up minimal storage space compared to other wire cheese slicers; mine sits alongside the knives in my silverware tray. Our cheese and fruit platter was well visited (all of the Colby was gone in honor of the Green Bay Packers playing!) and we quickly sliced the remaining cheese and placed in zip lock bags for the guests to take home.

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Carole Havrila
Carole Havrila, RD, CSO, is an oncology nutrition specialist at the University of Virginia's Emily Couric Cancer Center. Follow her on Twitter.