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Product reviewed: Food Huggers

There is nothing worse than struggling with a roll of plastic wrap to save half of a tomato — and not even securely wrap it. Solution: Wrap it in foil. Problem: It now gets lost in the back of the fridge, never to be used and inevitably get tossed out.

A women-owned company developed a creative and convenient solution — Food Huggers! Food Huggers help to ensure that all fruits and vegetables are kept fresh for as long as possible, which helps reduce wasted food and money.Give Your Food a Hug -

With a lifetime guarantee, Food Huggers can be used repeatedly, replacing tons of single-use plastic wrap, bags or foil. Coming in a variety of eye-catching colors, Food Huggers are always visible when stored in the fridge. With the expanded product line’s Reusable Hugger Bags and Flexible Silicone and Glass Bowl Lids, you can store about just anything with ease.

Let’s just say Food Huggers are now a staple in my kitchen — and I already purchased more! The colorful “huggers” never get lost in the back of my fridge and I can see exactly what produce I’m reaching for, since it’s not hidden beneath layers of plastic wrap or foil.

Food Huggers come in a variety of sizes, making them useful for just about anything. Saving half a banana for a smoothie the next day? There’s a Food Hugger for that. Leftover quinoa? There’s a Reusable Hugger Bag for that. Leftovers from dinner still in the bowl? Save time and avoid having to clean more dishes because there is a Flexible Silicone and Glass Bowl Lid Hugger for that, too! Just pop a lid onto those leftovers.

Beyond convenience in my own kitchen, I found the Food Huggers extremely helpful for my grandparents. With less grip strength, they have been having trouble opening lids on jars. I replaced all their lids, such as on jam and peanut butter jars, with Food Huggers for them to easily remove and reseal on their own.

Food Huggers are helping consumers create a more sustainable kitchen while keeping food fresher for longer and saving money. They are a great addition to anyone’s kitchen, especially those looking to reduce plastic use. Plus, they are not one of those “one trick pony” products specific for only one task. They even have an affiliate program that could support registered dietitian nutritionists, if they recommend Food Huggers to patients and clients.

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Julie Lopez
Julie Lopez, RD is the registered dietitian and culinary nutrition chef behind her website based in New Jersey.

Cooking has always given Julie joy because of its powerful ability to connect people together. She was always intrigued by the way food can impact your health and decided to follow her passion to dive deeper in learning through culinary school and becoming a registered dietitian.

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Most recently, her recipes have been featured in NBC News, Huffington Post, and US News & World Report.