High-end Multipurpose Cutting Board for Everyday Use

High-end Multipurpose Cutting Board for Everyday Use - Food & Nutrition Magazine - Stone Soup
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Product reviewed: JK Adams Maple Heritage Dorset Block 

Cutting boards are essential in the kitchen. I cook often, and I’ve noticed that I end up replacing my plastic cutting boards every few months for sanitation purposes or because of wear and tear. The JK Adams Maple Heritage Dorset Block offers a lifetime warranty and is made with edge-grain maple, which made me want to check it out.High-end Multipurpose Cutting Board for Everyday Use -

When I received the block, I noticed it is more lightweight than I expected. The size is not too bulky and fits perfectly on my countertop, adding a sleek look to the kitchen. It also is very sturdy, sitting on four blocks. Another great feature: there is a built-in magnetic slot to store your favorite knife.

With traditional cutting boards, I often have to put a wet towel underneath to stop it from sliding. But with the JK Adams Maple Heritage Dorset Block, it doesn’t move while slicing or chopping. The legs not only provide stability, but also make this cutting board a good tool for serving. It would be perfect for a charcuterie board, building a fruit or vegetable platter or serving cookies. The options are endless.

When cleaning, avoid submerging the board in water. I used a soapy wet towel to wipe down the cutting board and dried it immediately with a dry towel. To preserve the wood, the manufacturer recommends using mineral oil, which does not come with the board but is available for $8 on the company website. When the cutting board became dry, I used a paper towel to wipe it down with mineral oil. Keep in mind that when using a wooden cutting board, the blade of your knife may get dull quicker, so you may need to sharpen it more often.

I really enjoyed using the JK Adams Maple Heritage Dorset Block and especially like the knife slot, how lightweight it is and how easy it is to clean. Its multipurpose use is a selling point for me to highly recommend it.

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