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We’ve all seen it happen. A video pops up in a social media feed that praises some unhealthy food or questionable health trend, and you see it’s already been shared and liked tens of thousands — even millions — of times.

As registered dietitian nutritionists, we remain the nutrition experts. But unfortunately, many of the places where the public turns for food and nutrition advice give misguided information. The internet is saturated with individuals who want to give their two cents about their version of what it means to be healthy, or what they think everyone should or shouldn’t eat.

In this environment, dietitians have a unique opportunity to share evidence-based information through food videos. Tweet this After all, there is not a more passionate group of professionals who are qualified to share the message that healthy food can be delicious and look amazing on video. It also yields a platform for giving key nutrition knowledge to the public and getting people excited about nutrition. And when people are excited, change follows!

All you need is a device such as a tablet or smartphone with a camera, some editing software which you can download for free and a vision! Let your passion for nutrition, cooking and healthy food shine through on camera. Be prepared to put in some hours at the beginning, but the result is well worth it.

4 Tips to Get Started with Shareable Videos

Stick to Your Nutrition Roots
Check the nutrition information to ensure that each recipe highlights your credibility, value and experience as a registered dietitian nutritionist.

Find Your Style
Watch other food videos circulating on social media. Take notes on video length, editing, style, fonts and text sizes, camera angles and anything else you pick up that you like. Find what works — and what doesn’t — and make it your own.

Give the People What They Want
Tap into the food trends by jazzing up traditional favorites or adding a healthy twist to comfort food. The public is screaming for variety; give it to them!

Embrace the Learning Curve
Learning how to make food videos will take a lot of trial and error. For your first attempt, start with an easy recipe that doesn’t involve many steps and, just like when you’re testing a new recipe — make it twice before turning the camera on.

Check out our video for Peaches and Cream Oatmeal!

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