Tips for a Lifetime of Healthy Eyes

May brings to mind visions of sunshine, flowers and the first green leaves on the trees. It’s finally warm again, the snow has melted and everyone is outdoors together!

An unexpected importance of May is that it is also Healthy Vision Month. Protect your eyes with these tips.

Get Eye Exams

This one seems obvious, but many people neglect this part of their health regimen. Unlike a dreaded dentist appointment, eye exams are a piece of cake with virtually zero pain. Even if you don’t have to wear contacts or glasses, it is still important to get an annual eye exam. One vital test is the dilated eye exam, which can detect problems very early so they can be treated quicker. This exam is so easy — eye-drops widen your pupil to allow your eye doctor to see into your eye.

Wear Sunglasses and Protective Glasses

One very easy way to prevent diseases of the eye is to wear sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses can decrease the risk of developing a common condition that causes severe blurring, called cataracts. There are other conditions that cause damage to the eye as well, such as macular degeneration and tissue growth over the white of the eye.

And if you play contact sports or other activities, wearing protective glasses can make a world of difference. Imagine getting hit in the eye with a hockey stick during a game because you didn’t have protective glasses. This could cause blindness from just this one swift movement. With protective eye gear, the risk of blindness is greatly decreased. Protect your eyes!

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

One last important way to protect your vision is by eating healthy foods and exercising. Antioxidants and vitamins in nutrient-rich foods can bolster the fight against vision diseases and conditions.

But what do exercise and healthy weight have to do with vision? Well, a major risk factor for diabetes is being overweight or obese; and having diabetes increases your chances of having eye problems. Eating a whole, balanced and varied diet along with regular exercise will help maintain your goal weight and control blood sugar levels. Some absolutely delicious and vision-protecting foods are:

  • Oranges: Citrus fruits are high in vitamin C, an antioxidant.
  • Salmon and Tuna: Oily fish and eggs are high in omega-3s.
  • Green Leafy Vegetables: These are high in disease-fighting antioxidants and beta-carotene.
  • Nuts and Seeds: These have vitamin E, another essential antioxidant.
Alexa Barbee