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The Case for Soaking Your Grains

May 29, 2015 Mary Purdy, MS, RDN

You've read the recommendations. Most people need up to 11 servings of whole grains per day. Wow, that's a bunch of whole grains! So, why not try some new varieties? Some of the more recently popular whole

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Seasonal Succotash

May 21, 2015 Ashley Lytwyn

There's no better way to use local, seasonal ingredients than in a beautifully crafted salad for a barbecue or dinner. Although summer provides a slew of delicious produce, sweet corn — right off the cob

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Vegan Grilled Pineapple Spears

May 19, 2015 Tram Le

My family and I have been eating mostly plant-based foods for the past few months, and I find that it's so easy to cook and bake vegan now. One of the first finds I had

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4 Tips for First-Time Kitchen Gardeners

May 14, 2015 Jen Haugen

While spring rekindles the urge to shop local farmers markets for the most colorful fresh fruits and vegetables, why not consider planting your very own kitchen garden? A kitchen garden is simply an area where you

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Farmers Market Salad

May 11, 2015 Sara Haas

The farmers market is a true community treasure. Where else can you purchase fresh, local produce and talk to the people that planted, raised and harvested it? Farmers markets give you access to food at

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10 Nutrition Myths Debunked

May 11, 2015 Julie Lanford

In honor of Women's Health Week, here are 10 health myths no woman needs to listen to again! Myth #1: Fresh produce is superior to canned or frozen produce. Canned and frozen produce have nutrient

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Mother’s Day Banana Bread

May 8, 2015 Kari Ikemoto

Looking for a recipe for Mother’s Day brunch? You need a crowd-pleaser — but instead of overloading the table with more egg dishes, appetizers and salads, how about baked goods? My mom has been making

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Children Are Better Off Fed

May 7, 2015 Jill Castle

It's that time again when child nutrition programs are up for reauthorization on Capitol Hill. There will be many who support our existing programs, such as WIC, SNAP, the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program and

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Tips for a Lifetime of Healthy Eyes

May 6, 2015 Alexa Barbee

May brings to mind visions of sunshine, flowers and the first green leaves on the trees. It’s finally warm again, the snow has melted and everyone is outdoors together! An unexpected importance of May is that

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Smoky Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tamales

May 5, 2015 Ashleigh Spitza

Mexican cuisine is characterized by intense flavors, fresh ingredients and warming spices, most notably from the myriad of diverse chili peppers that thrive there. These qualities are perhaps best exemplified in the wide array of

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The Foods that Can Fight Skin Cancer

May 4, 2015 Anne Cundiff

May is National Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness Month and today — May 4 — is Melanoma Monday. Right now, that might not mean anything to you. Four months ago, it did not mean anything to me, either. Then, in