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Film Review: Food Evolution

March 28, 2018 Anne Cundiff

As a nutrition expert, this was a documentary I did not want to stop watching after 10 minutes into the film. I appreciate the director giving the film a scientific angle and a personal angle because no matter the science, food is very personal.

Emile Henry Chicken Baker
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One Pot for a Perfect Roasted Chicken

December 16, 2015 Anne Cundiff

Product Reviewed: Emile Henry Chicken Baker On a recent Sunday, I was scheduled to have dinner with my family. I decided this would be the perfect time to test out the Emile Henry Chicken Baker

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5 Simple, Smart and Satisfying Snack Hacks

November 29, 2015 Anne Cundiff

Snacking is the latest and greatest food trend. Many individuals are foregoing the classic three meals a day and replacing it with six small meals or snacks a day. There are many reasons behind this

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3 Ways to Celebrate Food Day

October 23, 2015 Anne Cundiff

Recently, I was invited by the local elementary school where I teach nutrition classes to join their Food Day celebration. “Food Day?” I thought. “Who wouldn’t love a day devoted to food?” But, Food Day is so much

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The Foods that Can Fight Skin Cancer

May 4, 2015 Anne Cundiff

May is National Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness Month and today — May 4 — is Melanoma Monday. Right now, that might not mean anything to you. Four months ago, it did not mean anything to me, either. Then, in

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Kefir: A Party of Probiotics

July 17, 2014 Anne Cundiff

Do you eat food? Do you have a digestive tract? Have you ever been sick? Have you ever taken an antibiotic? Do you get heartburn or other related tummy issues? If you answered yes to

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How Much Sodium Should You Consume?

January 24, 2014 Anne Cundiff

There is a lot of talk about sodium in the media lately, as well as among health professionals. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) released a report last year about the risks of consuming too little