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Grown-up Root Vegetable Latkes

November 30, 2015 Melinda Boyd

When Hanukkah comes around, I make latkes — potato pancakes fried in oil. They're a major symbol for this Jewish winter holiday. Usually when I make latkes, I reach for a boxed mix ­— not

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5 Simple, Smart and Satisfying Snack Hacks

November 29, 2015 Anne Cundiff

Snacking is the latest and greatest food trend. Many individuals are foregoing the classic three meals a day and replacing it with six small meals or snacks a day. There are many reasons behind this

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What You Can Do to Reduce Food Waste

November 25, 2015 Marcy Gaston

How much do you think about food waste? Probably not much, based on current statistics. In the United States, about 30 to 40 percent of the food supply ends up as waste. That comes out

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What Practicing Thankfulness Can Do

November 25, 2015 Timi Gustafson

For most of my career as a dietitian and health counselor, I have paid much attention to the deficiencies in my clients' diet and lifestyle choices and how these could be changed for the better.

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A Healthier “Death by Chocolate” Cake

November 22, 2015 Elizabeth Shaw

It's called "Death by Chocolate" Cake, but it contains a hearty dose of fiber-filled whole grains and even manages to sneak in an entire serving of vegetables. Oh, and let's not forget the nuts! Using a variety

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5 Foods that Fight Diabetes

November 21, 2015 Jodie Shield

When it comes to preventing diabetes, a balanced diet and daily dose of exercise are still important, but what you eat may be the key. Studies have found munching on nutrient-dense whole foods, rather than

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Vegan Greek Pumpkin Pie

November 20, 2015 Elena Paravantes

Looking for vegan Thanksgiving alternatives? Borrow this recipe from Greece. While not typically thought of as a Mediterranean ingredient, pumpkins do have a place in Greek cuisine, mainly in the form of pies. A savory Greek

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5 Thanksgiving Day Fails

November 20, 2015 Food & Nutrition Magazine

Happy Thanksgiving! Now make sure your day stays happy. Don’t fall prey to any of these food safety fails: 1. Defrosting dilemmas. There are only three safe ways to thaw your turkey – in cold

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English-inspired Malted Wheat Rolls

November 19, 2015 Marc Zimmerman, MS, RDN

After years of baking breads, muffins and pastries, I thought I’d encountered every form of wheat on the planet, but I was wrong! Enter malted wheat flakes. Common in Britain, malted wheat flakes are made by soaking

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Is Flexible Dieting More Than a Fad?

November 18, 2015 Gillean Barkyoumb

It’s tempting to dismiss the newest diet trend — called “flexible dieting” — as just another fad. But, the thing about flexible dieting is that it’s deliberately “anti-fad,” and, when done right, could help build life-long

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Oatmeal Bread Dressing with Bacon and Fresh Herbs

November 16, 2015 Sara Haas

“Sturdy oatmeal bread is soaked in a hearty mixture of eggs, sautéed vegetables, turkey bacon and fresh herbs then baked to make an almost soufflé-like dressing.” Is it “stuffing” or “dressing”? This highly debatable question