Persian-Style Rice
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Persian-Style Rice

March 1, 2019 Elizabeth Shaw

Preparing the iconic Persian rice chelo involves a time-honored cooking method that produces unforgettable flavor. This adaptation incorporates basmati rice and grapeseed oil and uses turmeric instead of saffron.

Bananas Foster Pudding
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Mini Bananas Foster Pudding Cups

October 29, 2018 Elizabeth Shaw

Creamy, sweetened banana pudding topped with caramelized bananas and pecans can be served warm or cool. SERVINGS: 4 SERVING SIZE: ½ cup pudding, 3 tablespoons bananas and 1 tablespoon pecans (570 grams) PREP TIME: 10

Kitchen Tools

A Versatile Waffle Maker That Does More Than Waffles

August 9, 2017 Elizabeth Shaw

On a hunt to create the perfect Pinterest-worthy waffle hash brown, I knew I needed to give the LAGRANGE Tarti’ Gaufres waffle maker a go. Trust me when I say my past attempts could have easily made it on the Pinterest fail list. I kept at it though, determined to find the right appliance that would guide me to success.