Food & Nutrition Virtual Dinner Party


How often do you sit down to eat together with friends and colleagues? Probably not often enough! Sharing a meal goes beyond what’s on the plate – it’s where you are, who you’re with, what you discuss and the memories you create.

Well, pull up a chair! Food & Nutrition is hosting a monthly virtual dinner party on the fourth Thursday of each month (except November, since there’s already a special dinner that day!). As you eat, drink and be merry with friends, family or fellow RDNs, NDTRs or students, be sure to share group photos and videos on Instagram using the hashtag #FNdinnerparty to connect with others near and far.

Need help finding #FNdinnerparty friends in your area? Reach out to your DPGs, MIGs and state affiliates and turn the #FNdinnerparty into a networking event for current or prospective members!

Upcoming 2018 dates:

April 26

May 24
June 28
July 26
August 23
September 27
October 25
No #FNdinnerparty on November 22
December 27

Past #FNdinnerparty Events:

February 22

March 22


DPG/MIGs, state affiliates and other groups: Submit your #FNdinnerparty events here!

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