A Bread Knife to Cut More than Bread

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Product reviewed: Shun Classic Blonde Bread Knife

My trusty bread knife has seen a lot of bread — and sweets and fruits and vegetables. The Shun Classic Blonde Bread Knife is the exact replacement I need to update my knives and keep my kitchen running smoothly. A good bread knife is a necessary and trusty part of any cooking arsenal, and this blonde-handled version is a beautiful addition to mine.

This Shun bread knife has a nine-inch blade with a serrated edge. The handle is made of blonde PakkaWood, and the blade is made of a proprietary VG-MAX cutting core that is strong, resistant to wear and corrosion, and fine-grained for a sharp and long-lasting edge. I also found it to be fairly lightweight and easy to hold and use.

The first test, of course, was bread. A Bread Knife to Cut More than Bread -I gathered a bunch of loaves of bread, ranging from thick and crusty to tender to quick breads. The Shun Classic Blonde Bread Knife worked easily in every instance, never ripping or tearing the bread and always making it easy to cut even slices, regardless of how thin or thick I made them. The knife also did not snag on breads with specialty ingredients baked in, such as raisins or olives.

Moving on to sweets, this bread knife did a great job slicing through pastries. It could easily be used to level off a cake or slice horizontally through an entire cake layer to make two layers in one pass. Bread knives also are a fantastic tool to break blocks of baking chocolate into smaller pieces.

One last test: fruits and vegetables. The Shun Classic Blonde Bread Knife’s serrated edge is it useful for both firm, tough produce and more delicate, squishy produce. A bread knife is the perfect choice to cut melon in half and remove the rind. It also is very handy when cutting through the tough exterior of winter squash, such as butternut, spaghetti or kabocha squash, or to remove the rind of a pineapple. Softer fruits and vegetables, such as citrus and tomatoes that can easily be squished with a dull knife, are a great match for the Shun Classic Blonde Bread Knife. That tomato is easily cut, and that lemon won’t get juiced accidentally while being sliced.

If you’re in the market for a bread knife, the Shun Classic Blonde Bread Knife is better than sliced bread!

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