The New Must-Have Food Storage Containers

The New Must-Have Food Storage Containers - Food & Nutrition Magazine - Stone Soup
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Product reviewed: OXO Prep & Go 20-Piece Container Set

Between packing lunches for school and work and being a huge fan of dinner leftovers, it’s safe to say I’ve tried my fair share of food storage containers. OXO is such a well-known and respected brand that I knew (or hoped!) the OXO Prep & Go 20-Piece Container Set would be as amazing as I expected.

Described as an easy-to-use set of products for leakproof food storage, whether sitting in the fridge or being jostled around in a bag, the set comes with six different sized food containers and three condiment containers, plus lids.

I love the sleek look and how they conveniently stack on top of each other. The lids are flat rather than curved, so even though you can’t nest them inside each other, you can still store them quite neatly.

There is a really cool salad container that allows you to separate greens and toppings within the same container, plus has space for a condiment container. It’s definitely my favorite. Another container has its own built-in colander. And the smaller snack-size containers are perfect for sending food to school with my kids in their backpacks!

Each time you close the lid of a container, you can hear the air being pushed out and the suction seal. To see if they passed the “shake-proof” test, I tested the containers for my own lunches, leftovers and sent them in my kids’ lunchboxes. We didn’t have a single leak!The New Must-Have Food Storage Containers -

They also held up quite well in the dishwasher, with no apparent shape changes or cleaning issues.

Whether you’re looking for a basic leftover storage solution or super durable food containers for school lunches, I definitely recommend the OXO Prep & Go containers. They are ideal for people looking to save money by bringing their own food to work or school, as well as those who meal prep for the week ahead and need food to stay fresh for several days.

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