The Air Fryer for Beginners

The Air Fryer for Beginners - Food & Nutrition Magazine - Stone Soup
Photo by Tawnie Graham

Product reviewed: Hamilton Beach 5-liter Digital Air Fryer with Nonstick Basket

As an avid home cook and registered dietitian nutritionist, I am always looking forward to trying new kitchen gadgets and keeping up with trends. The air fryer has been a trendy cooking method for a few years, but I am admittedly a beginner. That’s why I am so pleased to say the Hamilton Beach 5-liter Digital Air Fryer with Nonstick Basket is easy to use. I am excited to share my experience with it.The Air Fryer for Beginners -

The first thing I noticed about this Hamilton Beach digital air fryer was the nonstick basket. It is very big (5 liters), which is large enough to cook sides or main meals for a family. Plus, it can be removed from the pan for easy cleanup. The directions to use the air fryer were simple, and the machine has pre-set functions that are straightforward and simple to use.

We cook a lot of food in our house, so I knew I’d be able to batch cook and meal prep with ease using this air fryer. I made onion rings, zucchini fries and sweet potato fries, and they all turned out perfectly. The machine delivered crispy, evenly cooked food every time. I found the basket to be lightweight, making it easy to toss the food halfway through cooking. The square shape of the basket allowed me to fit in a lot of food and even had extra space if needed, which was nice. I loved using the handy, multi-function display; the buttons were all easy to understand and use. The air fryer also is fairly quiet while cooking.

I would recommend the Hamilton Beach 5-liter Digital Air Fryer with Nonstick Basket to friends, family or clients! I loved that it was simple to use with large, easy-to-read controls that barely required me to look at the manual. All the air-fried food we tried had a crispy texture and moist interior. I was impressed with this air fryer’s performance and now, it’s easily one of my favorite kitchen tools.

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