January-February 2015

Fares of Faith: Mawlid un-Nabi

December 29, 2014 Nour Zibdeh, MS, RD, CLT

Around the world, many Muslims celebrate the birth of the Islamic Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him,* with feasts, festivals, street parades, chants and decorations in streets, mosques and homes. Mawlid un-Nabi — also referred

September-October 2014

Saving Lives in the Sahel

August 26, 2014 Kerri-Ann Jennings

On scorching days in Niger, it is not uncommon for a mother to give water to her infant. After all, she is thirsty so her baby must be, too. But in a nation where sanitation

May-June 2014

The Mainstreaming of Global Sports Nutrition Products

May 5, 2014 Liz Spittler

From Australian miners toting 2-pound tubs of pre-workout powders into excavation sites to ready-to-drink protein supplements touting peak job performance to accountants and school teachers in the United Kingdom, sports nutrition products are attracting new

May-June 2014

Can Diet Help Manage Amenorrhea?

May 5, 2014 Nancy Clark

A woman has missed three or more consecutive periods and she isn't pregnant, she may have secondary amenorrhea. Some female athletes suffer from amenorrhea not because of their exercise intensity, but because their energy intake

May-June 2014

What is Rhabdomyolysis?

May 5, 2014 Jim White

Rhabdomyolysis (also called "rhabdo") is the death of muscle cells. When muscle is damaged under duress, it releases the protein myoglobin — a protein that stores oxygen in the muscles — into the bloodstream. High