Stone Soup

The Wonders of Watermelon

Watermelon season is upon us, and if you have no clue how to pick a ripe one, don’t feel bad — you’re not alone. It can be intimidating and slightly uncomfortable trying to figure out

July-August 2014

A Knife With Chops

With its long, curved blade and double handles, the mezzaluna may look threatening, but it is actually a remarkably friendly kitchen tool. Built for efficient chopping and mincing, it makes tiresome tasks a breeze, saves

Stone Soup

The Great Greek Yogurt

As dietitians, we often speak of pantry essentials or foods that should be staples in every kitchen's healthy cooking arsenal. Dry beans, whole grains and nuts usually top that list. What about foods that should

March-April 2014

Stovetop Smokers

No longer just a food preservation method, smoking adds variety and versatility to your recipe repertoire. Fun and simple to use, stovetop smokers can turn everyday foods into delicious dishes. The process of smoking food

January-February 2014

Immersion Blenders: Stick Shift

True to their namesake, immersion blenders are just that: blenders that can be immersed. Unlike countertop blenders or processors, immersion blenders — or “stick blenders” — are designed to be mobile. Constructed with a motorized

Fall 2012

Soufflé Holiday

What do you get when you cross a cake, a casserole and a meringue? The soufflé: egg whites whipped to a peak, combined with a sweet or savory base and baked to puffy perfection. It's

Summer 2012

About the Bean Pot

A distant relative of clay vessels that other cultures have used for centuries, such as Morocco’s cone-shaped tagine and Spain’s lidded cazuelas, bean pots can be found anywhere from retail stores to garage sales to

Spring 2012

Kitchen Comeback: Cast-Iron Cookware

Flea markets, garage sales, your great-aunt’s kitchen and pricey culinary stores have something in common: They are all selling cast-iron cookware. From the very old to brand-new designs, cast-iron pans are experiencing a renaissance—and for

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Spring 2012

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Flavor

In restaurants, gourmet shops and local supermarkets, smoke seasonings are appearing everywhere and in every food—from salts, olive oils and cheeses to chocolates, caramels and even cocktails. In addition to pre-smoked foods, other sources of