Lemon Sweet Rolls
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Lemony Sweet Cheese Rolls

October 29, 2018 Michele Redmond

A spin on the traditional Syrian dessert halawet el jibn, these sweet cheese semolina rolls feature lemon in place of orange blossom and rose waters. SERVINGS: 12 SERVING SIZE: 3 pieces (60 grams) PREP TIME:

Stone Soup

Make Your Own Sourdough Starter

April 3, 2017 Michele Redmond

In our household, National Sourdough Bread Day, on April 1, reminds us to be generous. My mom’s habit of giving a loaf of sourdough bread to new neighbors or someone needing comfort became a family

Grilled vegetable skewers
Stone Soup

The Tasty Science of Flavorful Grilled Vegetables

August 10, 2016 Michele Redmond

In many backyard barbecues, “Let’s grill tonight” translates as “Let’s eat meat tonight.” That’s not really surprising since grilled meat products create hundreds of complex aroma and flavor compounds. While grilled vegetables create less of

March-April 2015

Is Your Peppercorn an Imposter?

March 2, 2015 Michele Redmond

True or false: Some kinds of "peppercorns" aren't actually pepper at all. It's true. Black peppercorns are a required kitchen staple, and fashionable peppercorn blends are adding white, green and pink peppers as flavor accessories. But