Stone Soup

Picking a Proper Pepper

November 5, 2012 Amber Massey

We've had a spell of cooler weather here in North Texas. I say spell, because it will be short lived. I am confident in my statement due to the fact that this is Texas after

Pouring corn grain into tractor trailer after harvest at field
Stone Soup

Harvest on the Front Lines

November 1, 2012 Jennie Schmidt

There's really no better place to reflect on the year than driving a combine. That's because, as fun as it is, it leaves you plenty of time to look over a field and think. Harvest

Woman is picking tomatoes in the greenhouse and puts into a basket; farming, gardening and agriculture, concept
Stone Soup

What Fall Harvest Means to Me

October 31, 2012 Rebecca Subbiah

HARVEST—THE VERY WORD MAKES YOU THINK OF FARMERS IN THE FIELDS, the abundance of crops, and hands eagerly picking the bounty from gardens. My harvest memories start in England, where I was born, and travel