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In Nutrition Policy-Making, Communication is Key

July 27, 2017 Cassidy Pont

Being the policy and advocacy intern for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Policy Initiatives and Advocacy team in Washington, D.C., has allowed me to gain significant exposure to nutrition policy and policy-making. This opportunity

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Chili Lime Roasted Almonds

July 25, 2017 Natalie Rizzo

One of the simplest combinations can be one of the best. This easy roasted almond recipe combines the savory flavors of chili powder, cumin and salt with the tanginess of lime juice and a dash of

Kitchen Tools

All Knives Are Not Created Equal

July 24, 2017 Heather Goesch

Product reviewed: Shun Hikari 8” Chef’s Knife I like to think my knife skills are pretty sharp. While the technique might need some work, a counter full of formidable ingredients provided the perfect opportunity to test myself,

California Almonds

Almond-Crusted Tofu Sticks

July 20, 2017 Ginger Hultin

A perfect make-ahead snack, almond-crusted tofu sticks are a savory treat with plenty of protein. Marinate extra-firm tofu in almond milk, crust with almond meal and seasoning, then bake. This sponsored recipe is brought by the

Stone Soup

How Much Protein Do You Need, Really?

July 17, 2017 Karen Ansel

Lately it seems like everyone’s trying to load up on protein — and for good reason! Just about everything in the body needs protein. It helps build and repair muscles and other body tissues. It

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Are You Using Nutritional Yeast?

July 14, 2017 Joanna Foley

While most people probably are familiar with the type of yeast used to leaven bread, many have never heard of nutritional yeast, a type of inactivated yeast that has gained recent popularity for its nutritional

Student Scoop

To the Future RDN: Tips for Managing Stress

July 13, 2017 Katie Adams

Going to class, studying, volunteering, working and finding time for family and personal responsibilities is part of your weekly schedule — and sometimes it gets stressful and exhausting if too many things are on your

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Apricots with Basil Ricotta and Almonds

July 11, 2017 Karman Meyer

A light and flavorful snack that feels fancy but can be made in 5 minutes or less! Simply spread dried apricots with creamy basil and honey ricotta, then top with raw almonds for a satisfying crunch.

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The Latest in Bottled Water Trends

July 10, 2017 Esther Ellis

It’s been more than 100 years since the first self-service grocery store began. Take a moment to envision how the first grocers might react if they knew one day there would be entire aisles dedicated

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“Nutrify” That Dish! Spotlight on Cheeseburgers

July 7, 2017 Sara Haas

Cheeseburgers are delicious! There’s something magical about that ground beef patty when it’s been lovingly grilled and topped with perfectly melted cheese!  Eating it plops us right in our happy place. While there’s no shame