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Do Gym-Goers Need Protein Shakes?

March 31, 2016 Natalie Rizzo

I hear the questions often. "How much protein do I need to eat?" "Should I drink a protein shake on the days I work out?" It's very difficult to make generalized diet recommendations for everyone,

White sesame and black sesame seed on wooden spoon
Stone Soup

My 5 Favorite Ways to Enjoy Sesame

March 25, 2016 Cara Rosenbloom

I'm crazy about sesame, the mighty little seeds that pack a powerful flavor punch. Toasting the seeds brings out their nuttiness and adds oomph when sprinkled on rice bowls, sushi and avocado toast. Not only

Brown eggs in open cartons
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What Egg Labels Mean

March 25, 2016 Kelli Shallal

It seems like every time I lead a grocery store tour these days, I get asked what kind of eggs to buy. I know why consumers might be confused. The number of labels printed on eggs

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I’m Proud to Be a NIRD

March 23, 2016 Jean Bouche

I am a "nutrition informatics registered dietitian" — a NIRD … (I love this play on words, because I'm also a nerd)! To me, informatics not only means an affinity for technology — including computers, electronic health