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Baked Chicken Tortilla Cups

October 30, 2019 Cindy Gay

Heat is tamed in this mild, bite-sized version of spicy chicken tinga. Flavorful chicken layered with beans and cream is baked in tortilla cups using a muffin tin.

Plate of Greek-style lima beans
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Greek-Style Lima Beans

January 5, 2019 Cindy Gay

Dried lima beans are an accessible alternative to gigantes beans. A programmable pressure cooker saves time when making this plant-based dish. SERVINGS: 5 SERVING SIZE: ½ cup beans and 2 tablespoons sauce (160 grams) PREP

A variety of whole grains in different size bowls
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A Potpourri of Whole Grains

March 9, 2018 Cindy Gay

Why eat a variety? Just as spinach offers different nutrients than cauliflower, oats afford different nutrients than popcorn. Variety is good!

September-October 2017


September 1, 2017 Cindy Gay

Enjoyed in the early 20th century, this egg-and-potato-based breakfast met challenges of wartime conservation efforts while repurposing the waffle iron.

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Quinoa Mixed Grain Bread

June 26, 2017 Cindy Gay

My decision to buy a counter-top flour mill was based on inventory. I was running out of space for both grains and flours, and the rotation and usage of each was questionable. The same variety of whole

November-December 2016

Morocco Medallions

November 1, 2016 Cindy Gay

Slices of kasha-filled chicken breasts make a stylish entrée that can be prepared in advance and baked just before dinner. Moroccan Medallions Developed by Cindy Gay Ingredients [2 grams]      ½ teaspoon cumin seeds [1 gram]

Happy students talking on the street
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Advice to Future RDNs

September 6, 2016 Cindy Gay

Recently, I spoke at a graduation ceremony for dietetic interns. I based my presentation on a book I made my son for his graduation — listing all the goals I hoped he’d accomplish as an

Cast Fry Pan
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A Pan to Make You Feel Like a TV Chef

April 27, 2016 Cindy Gay

Product Reviewed: Gunter Wilhelm Cast Fry Pan When cooking with this nonstick, oven-safe pan, my vegetables sautéed and sizzled as if I were a TV cooking show celebrity. The Gunter Wilhelm Cast Fry Pan is perfect

Stem lettuce in the stall at the market.
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Celtuce: My Newest Farmers Market Find

February 19, 2016 Cindy Gay

I’m always looking for something new at the farmers market. Even in winter, I’m not disappointed. This week’s find was celtuce. Also known as stem lettuce, celery lettuce, asparagus lettuce and, in China, “wosun,” celtuce

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Autumn Amaranth Porridge

October 29, 2015 Cindy Gay

On cool autumn mornings, I need a fruit and grain porridge to start my day. I buy amaranth, a whole grain, at my local co-op and add Asian pear and fresh cranberries for a fall

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The Hubbub about Peach-Rhubarb Crisp

August 21, 2015 Cindy Gay

Ever wonder what to do with rhubarb — that rosy, celery-like vegetable spotted at farmers markets? It's often paired with strawberries in early summer, but rhubarb also goes well with the peaches of August. After

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How to Plan a Farmers Market Demo

July 7, 2015 Cindy Gay

With the increasing emphasis on fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, farmers markets show no sign of going away. Last year, working with West Virginia University Healthcare, I was part of a team of registered dietitian